Spiritual Rejuvenating bath to stop anxiety and negative energy

Positivity is one of the essential forces that can drive us into the realm of success in all areas of life. However there are moments when negative energy and anxiety cling to our souls like shadows. Today, let us engage ourselves in the secret art of a spiritual bath to stop negative flows and anxiety. This is an ancient practice that holds the power to cleanse not just the body, but also the spirit. Picture it as a ritual, a gentle baptism that washes away the residue of stress and negativity, leaving you refreshed, renewed, and ready to embrace the serenity that lies within.

A spiritual bath is not merely a physical cleansing; it is a spiritual act that transcends the material realm. It’s a ritual of intention, a conscious effort to release the weight of negativity that accumulates in the energetic layers of our being. As we step into the waters, both metaphorical and real, we embark on a journey of purification, inviting tranquility into the very essence of our existence.

Before immersing yourself in the sacred waters, take a moment to set your intentions. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and visualize the negative energy dissolving, replaced by a soft, radiant light. Envision anxiety melting away, replaced by a profound sense of calm and serenity. With each inhalation, draw in positive energy; with each exhalation, release what no longer serves you.


Gather these simple yet potent ingredients for your spiritual bath:

  • Epsom Salt: To draw out toxins and cleanse the energetic body.
  • Lavender Essential Oil: For relaxation and soothing the mind.
  • Rosemary Sprigs: Known for protection and clearing negative energy.
  • Clear Quartz Crystal: An amplifier to enhance the energy cleansing process.

Chants and pronouncement:

Before starting your bath, stand before the ingredients and recite these words

“In this sacred space, I release all negativity.

With water as my ally, I cleanse body, mind, and soul.

Lavender, Rosemary, and Quartz, work with me in harmony.

Anxiety dissolves, serenity unfolds. May the joy of the lord renew my hope and grant me the energy and courage needed to fulfill my dreams.

So mote it be.”


Preparation: Start by tidying the bathroom space. Cleanse the area with intention, sweeping away any lingering negative energy.

Setting Intentions: Stand in front of your ingredients and chant your intention, focusing on the release of negativity and the embrace of tranquility. 

Adding Ingredients to Bath: As the tub fills with warm water, add a cup of Epsom salt, a few drops of lavender oil, a handful of rosemary sprigs, and place the clear quartz crystal beside the tub. 

Stirring with Purpose: Stir the water clockwise with your hand, infusing it with the energy of your intention. Visualize the negative energy dissolving. 

Soaking and Meditating: Step into the bath mindfully. As you soak, close your eyes and let the warm water envelop you. Meditate on the intention you set, feeling the cleansing process unfold.

 Silent Reflection: Spend at least 10-15 minutes in quiet reflection. Envision anxiety melting away, replaced by a serene light radiating from within.

Rising with Renewal: When ready, stand up, feeling the water and negative energy cascade away. Towel dry with purpose, sensing a renewed spirit and cleansed energy field.

Closing Chant: As you exit the bath, recite a closing chant, expressing gratitude and sealing the energy work.

“By God’s grace, all negativity erased.

Serenity embraced, I move with divine grace.

As I will, so must it be.”


Dear souls, may this straightforward spiritual bath ritual serve as your sanctuary of purification. In its waters, may negativity and anxiety dissolve, leaving you refreshed, renewed, and empowered to navigate life with a cleansed spirit.

In serenity,

Anthia Wint, Finest herbal wellness club.


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