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Right Food Better Health A guide to healthy diet


Right Food Better Health: A guide to healthy diet is carefully curated by the author to enlighten her readers on the implications of unhealthy food by accurately measuring the way readers can combine food choice to improve their health.

It contains specially selected fruits, herbs, and food items that will prevent common illness and diseases. Instructions in this book are not diet direction for some rich folk or wealthy family. It is made for all levels of social class. Foods are for everybody so also is this guide book.

Product Mode:

  • Clear pictorial illustration
  • Clear and direct language of instruction
  • Available electronically (e-book)


Food remains a fundamental avenue to sustain a disease and sickness free life, but, it becomes difficult when there is no proper or professional guides on what and how to make food selection for various health purposes. This book will solve all issues that pertain to poor eating habits and unhealthy diet combinations.



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